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Students enjoy annual March Madness Tournament

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Student fills out their printed bracket. Photo by Claire Halpin

The third month of the year, March, is best known for the NCAA March Madness Tournament. The tournament brings in 64 of the best collegiate basketball teams from around the nation and seed them 1-16 in a single elimination tournament. All 64 teams enter looking to win it all but only one comes out on top.

Most people try to predict the tournament and fill out a bracket in the way they think the tournament will play out.

“Every year I think I make the perfect bracket, but I have never been close. But this year is my year for getting the perfect one,” junior Jacob Gleason said.

Making a legitimate perfect bracket will reward someone with $1 million dollars a year for life from Warren Buffett. Buffett ranks number three on the 2016 Forbes 400.

ESPN also has created an app that allows users to create 25 brackets in hope to become the top bracket. The winner of this challenge receives a trip for two to the 2017 Maui Jim Maui Invitational and $10,000 in Amazon gift cards.

“With 25 brackets I should easily be able to make at least one that can win. I really want the prize because I could really use ten thousand dollars to spare,” junior Cade Stanton said.

Student fills out their bracket on ESPN Tournament Challenge. Photo by Claire Halpin

ESPN Tournament Challenge has increased the number of brackets each user is allowed to fill out. In 2016 and before, a single account was only able to create 10 brackets.

Now in 2017, ESPN has increased that number to 25 in order to increase the odds of someone creating a perfect bracket.

“I probably won’t even get to filling out 25 of them, so I think that it’s kinda dumb that they raised the number of brackets. It’s still giving people a better chance at making a perfect one,” freshman Jack Lockerbie said.

March Madness brings many people together competing with their friends to see who gets the most picks right and occasionally will put money on their brackets being best.

“I started a competition with a lot of my friends, and we all put in ten dollars and the top three people will get payout. It’s really fun competing with your friends because if you win you get all the bragging rights and you put it in everyone’s faces,” senior Jack Millmier said.

A lot of people don’t follow college basketball and just enjoy watching and participating in March Madness.

“I don’t follow basketball at all but my family always has a competition and the winner gets twenty dollars. It’s just something fun to do every year,” junior Colin Mehren said.

The first games of the round of 64 start on Thursday, March 16. The championship game is played on April 3 at the University of Phoenix Stadium.

Ryan McMullen

I am the Sports Editor of The Reflection. I mainly write about football and basketball with a few miscellaneous articles here and there. I have won honorable mentions for my articles and this year I hope to win first place this year and win another Spartan Award for The Reflection.


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