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Spring fever lightens the mood at Gull Lake

A Michigan Winter can turn even the best attitudes sour, especially this year when the temperature would rise to 60 degrees for a week, only to be followed by a week of freezing rain, spitting sleet and nothing but overcast.

Junior RV Johnson takes advantage of the spring weather to practice the high jump.
Photo by Jenna Davison and Anai Larez.

The warmer, brighter spring weather brings a lighter atmosphere to the whole school and eases the stress that comes with being a high schooler. A 2004 study at University of Michigan showed that people who spent at least 30 minutes outside on nice days had happier moods, and a later study at the U of M corroborated the findings. 

“Everybody seems to be in a happier mood,” senior Hunter Erickson said. “Michigan Winters aren’t always fun because of the awful roads and cold weather, and I honestly think that everybody is a little happier and a little less stressed because it’s getting nicer outside.”

Not having to worry about slipping on the icy sidewalk on the way into school, or having to button up a bulky winter coat are just a couple of positives of the seasonal change.

“When it’s winter time and it’s freezing out I’m always worrying about being too cold,” Erickson said. “I love not having to freeze my tail off when I’m walking in and out of school and not having to wait as long for my car to heat up.”

As the weather continues to get warmer, we will see the wonderful Michigan scenery begin to blossom and the community will look like a completely different place.

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Noah Throop
Noah Throop
This is my third year on staff, my second as Sports Editor. I am a senior at Gull Lake and plan to attend the University of Alabama next year and major in accounting. I play basketball and baseball and was selected as captain of the varsity basketball team for the coming season. I have a passion for sports and writing about them and look forward to a great year of writing.

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