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Hallways swamped with signs as promposals gain popularity

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One knows prom season has officially arrived upon opening Instagram to a flood of promposal pics. Most feature handmade signs, stuffed animals, flowers, and/or the liberal use of puns. The often elaborate askings have become quite popular among students when it comes to school dances, especially for prom, but to what end?

While some may write the spectacle off as a mere photo op, many students maintain that promposing is a display of both their creativity and how much they care for the person they’re asking. Junior Logan Herrick agrees with the latter. He recently asked his girlfriend, junior Laura Graves, to the dance on a visit to the zoo.

I took Laura to Binder Park and after we got done searching through all of the animals we left and I opened the trunk of my car and bam there the sign was,” Herrick said.

Reading ‘It would GIRAFFE me WILD if you were my PRIME MATE at PROM’, the sign was inspired by the couple’s mutual love of the zoo and Logan’s scrolling through Pinterest.




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