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Student Style Saturday: Quinn Scheller shares her style story

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Scheller sports a favorite pair of mom jeans with a neutral shirt and a staple cardigan. Her friends refer to these shoes as “grandma shoes” but she thinks they’re cool anyway.

As a seasoned thrift shopper and hallway fashionista, junior Quinn Scheller’s closet contains everything from funky Salvation Army finds to glittery jelly shoes to a seemingly endless supply of striped shirts.

When asked to describe her style, Scheller bemoaned her “inability to self-define.”

“I always make sure to put on clothing,” she said between pauses, “I like to wear neutrals. And be comfortable.”

She’s wearing a semi-transparent floral blouse (thrifted, of course), though she clarifies that she doesn’t usually wear blouses and this is the only floral one she owns. For anyone wondering what she does wear on a daily basis, Scheller has self-collected data on the subject.

“I did an informal survey on myself over the winter,” Scheller said. “On average I wore 3 striped shirts out of the 5 days of the week and 2 turtlenecks-one of which was striped.”

Scheller cited some other trends she’s a fan of: hoodies, white shoes, and midi dresses with slits.

“…Trends go around and if I like them I follow them,” Scheller said, dropping down to a whisper. “Like mom jeans. I really, really do (like mom jeans).”

This reminds her of a style inspiration besides her dog, whom she cited earlier.

“I actually dress a lot like my mom,” Scheller said. “We own some of the same cardigans.”

Scheller is a cardigan enthusiast, citing this gray one as one of her most worn articles of clothing besides pants, because pants are boring. She also wears one of her trademark striped turtlenecks.

As for her own developing style, she loves thrift shopping and aims to mix vintage clothes with on-trend styles. Scheller hopes to keep it modern, but with a unique vintage twist. She does this by shopping mostly at Salvation Army dollar days (at which all apparel is a dollar). Her strategy for sifting through racks upon racks of rough to find the diamonds: look through everything.

“I’m drawn to, first of all, things that aren’t disgusting,” Scheller said. “Like if it’s not stained that’s a bonus.”

When everything is a dollar, the concern becomes overbuying rather than overspending. Scheller has become very discerning when it comes to determining which garments are worth purchasing,

“Normally the things I end up buying I have an immediate reaction to,” Scheller said. “I see it and I’m like ‘I must try it on’ and I don’t even have to think about it. Because normally if I have to sit and think about it I end up being like ‘noooo’ and then I put it back. But sometimes not.”

This approach has yielded some of Scheller’s favorite pieces. These include a pair of high waisted Levi’s shorts, uniquely discolored overalls, and Guess jeans that didn’t fit her sister (who found them- they often go thrifting together).

“I got this really nice 80s windbreaker jacket at the thrift store and it’s like 10 different colors and it has like gold paint splattered on it,” Scheller said. “That’s a good one.”

However, Scheller isn’t completely sold on the 80s.

“I don’t know why anyone every thought of shoulder pads being a good look to be honest,” she said. “I don’t

think they’re very flattering. Whenever you get something from the thrift store you’ve gotta cut the shoulder pads out!”

“I like graphic t-shirts but only if they’re like unique graphics ‘cause then you’re like wearing artwork,” Scheller said. Her shirt in this picture says ‘art’ but she thinks that’s too literal an interpretation of her quote.

While she strives to incorporate elements from various eras of fashion into her wardrobe, Scheller does have a favorite.

“I think I like the 90s because I like just the simplistic t-shirt and jeans look,” she said.

Scheller encourages people to follow suit and embrace what they gravitate towards.

“I recommend finding your own style by wearing things that you genuinely like,” she said. “I feel like if everything

in your closet you just really love, even if it doesn’t exactly all go together, kind of creates a style on its own.”

Scheller certainly practices what she preaches, having cultivated a style she will continue to explore in these halls, college and beyond.


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