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Foreign exchange student Marie-Sarah Dumont anticipates first day of school at Gull Lake

According to Belgian foreign exchange student and senior Marie-Sarah Dumont, the first day of school is cause for excitement rather than dread.

Before her Cross Country practice, senior Marie Dumont keeps a positive attitude. Photo by Lainie Scott

“[I am excited] to meet people, to meet new teachers, and to see what differences or similarities there are between Belgium and the U.S.,” Dumont said.

On her first day, Dumont said she found how the American high school is vastly different than what she is use to in Belgium.

According to Dumont, the phone policy was the biggest contrast between the two schools. The Gull Lake phone policy is not as harsh as what she expected.

“If you use your phone in class in Belgium, the teacher would take your phone for one week. If it happened again, two weeks, and so on,” she said. “So nobody uses their phone.”

However, Dumont said there is a downside to the benign phone policy. She said it’s harder to connect with people when they are all on their phones–especially as the new kid.

Making Dumont’s favorite thing about the first day of school was when people introduced themselves to her.

“I am a stranger here, and I like that people try to include me,” Dumont said. “Even if it is just saying ‘Hello.’”

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Lainie Scott
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