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The Reflection

Riley Pennock experiences a great first day of high school

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Junior Riley Pennock said he still has a passion for education and had a great first day back.  Often, returning high school students are ready for it to be over, but not Pennock. He still manages to make the most out of his time and experiences.

Junior Riley Pennock works on  his virtual class. Photo by Malissa Howe.

“I was actually excited to go back to school. I hadn’t seen some people in a long time, and I was looking forward to being hype with them,” Pennock said. “Sometimes I just chill with them, but I knew the first day would be awesome.”

The social aspect is one of the reasons most high schools look forward to going back.

“It was lit with the boys, “ Pennock said. “My best friend, Donny, is in my favorite class, Web Design.”

Junior year could be considered the hardest year of high school. SATs, college applications, harder classes than before all contributing to that claim.

“Education is necessary; the public school system is not,” Pennock said. “I don’t have many hard classes this year, but my classes or grades don’t define me.”


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