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Fall sports call for support from Gull Lake fans. Press Box

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Sophomore Danny Keene makes good contact for the varsity tennis team.

At every home football game, the stands are packed full with cheering and excited students. The student section is filled with chants such as “Who’s your daddy?” when Gull Lake makes a dominant play, and “You can’t do that!” when the opposing team receives a penalty. While students flock to football games, other fall sports receive little to no fans.

Soccer, tennis and volleyball are all sports that usually attract small crowds. All of these fall sports have home games and are easy for fans to attend.

Jackson Mendez plays three singles for the varsity tennis team at Gull Lake.

“We usually only get around three to four fans at home matches,” Mendez said.

There is a large difference between a full section of bleachers and only three to four spectators. Many studies have showed that cheering or jeering by a crowd can heavily affect a team’s performance

Junior Zach Reed is the captain of the varsity soccer team, said “the team doesn’t get much fan support at their games.”

“But the fans we do get have good energy,” Reed said.

All fall sports are exciting and should receive more attendance. It gives students something to do and allows them to support their school. Participants on the soccer, volleyball, tennis and other fall sports teams all work very hard and should receive more fans.



My name is Nicholas Tracy, I am a sophomore. I play soccer on the Varsity soccer team here at Gull Lake.


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