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GLHS choir prepares for new year full of singing and performing

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The choir meets in the choir room of the performing arts hall during second block.The students break into their specific voice sections as they practice. Photo by Parker Feraco

This year the choir at Gull Lake High School contains 49 students in contrast to the 33 members that participated last year. According to choir teacher Branden Burris, most of the choir members–other than last year’s seniors–remained part of the program and an abundance of freshman joined.

“I’m really confident in our choir this year because we finally have more guys who can reach those bass notes for us, and we all put the equal amount of effort into choir,” said senior and choir vice president Abby Antias.

In the past the choir has struggled to find males who were comfortable enough to join choir. With the addition of several more boys this year, the vocal ranges should be more balanced.

“We are singing three pieces at the moment, one is a jazz piece called ‘Dancing at the Rock’ and the other is called ‘Ashore at Last,’ which kind of has a ‘Tale as Old as Time’ rhythm,” Antias said. “The other piece is called ‘Even When He is Silent,’ which was one we worked on last year, and acapella, but we never performed it.”

The choir is currently singing songs that provide more of an opportunity for the choir to discover its full potential as a team and give the choir the chance to discover what it is able to do with the new group.

“The songs are mostly contemporary pieces, but hopefully I can persuade Mr. Burris to possibly do some modern songs,” Antias said. “Maybe some from recent musicals, such as In the Heights, Hamilton, Annie, Dear Evan Hansen, etc.”

Some of the choir students said they are hoping that over the course of the year they will be able to “wear Burris down” enough to where they will be able sing songs that are of more interest to them, especially musicals.

Choir is a place where you can be yourself and find the ability to learn how to blend.

“The most important thing about choir is that we learn how to sing as a group and that we learn to not be a soloist among others. We learn to be a part of each other’s sound,” Antias said. “A choir always has a different sound. If you take one person out of the choir, the sound is completely different.”

In choir, members focus on the dynamics and fitting its voices together, like a puzzle. The student members all discover their role in the group.

“Everyone is welcomed in our choir program,” Antias said. “The more the merrier as they say.”


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