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Hurtful nominations disgrace schools

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Homecoming nominations have become the new way to bully. What some students might consider humorous fun, could be interpreted by others as insulting and degrading.

Lately students have been entertaining themselves by voting those that may not want a position on the Homecoming committee, and unfortunately, most of the time students vote for certain classmates as a joke. What no one realizes is the fact that these jokes can get out of hand.

Homecoming nominations should never be used as a tool to harm people’s dignity. It is an underhanded move to bully students in a way that is shameful and immature.

The Gull Lake student body needs to consider the outcome of these actions. Nominating the students who do not want to be put into the spotlight is like forcing a healthy child to drink cough syrup. It’s unnecessary and cruel.

Students need to take responsibility for their actions and should be able to decipher those who would like to be nominated and those who would not. Even if unsure, the polite thing to do would be to ask. For in reality there is no such thing as accidental disrespect, especially when the excuse is not knowing.

At what point in time did students feel the need to nominate what they call “jokes”? If the tables were turned, how would students feel then? Those who hid behind the screen and bully should carefully consider what it means to jokingly vote for students who don’t want to be in the spotlight for Homecoming.

Homecoming is supposed to be a time of celebration and fun, not a time to make fun of students. Nominate the well-deserving students for who they are, not what they are. Whether it be one of the football players who always has a nice thing to say or one of the quiet bookworms who spends her time helping others. Respect should always be a key factor in any decision.

Destiny Peterson

I am a senior at Gull Lake High School. This is my first and unfortunately last year in Newspaper. This will be my second year in the Performing Arts Company and will run Track and Field for a third year. I plan to go to college for a writing career and am really excited to get started.


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