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Computer teacher Brad Lange reflects and expands upon Computer Science class

Arduino board for a automated plant watering system. Created by Senior Kyle Bennett and teacher Brad Lange. Photo by Parker Feraco

Two years ago, Computing teacher Brad Lange introduced a new course to the GLHS curriculum, Computer Science & Software Engineering. He created the class in order to prepare students for future jobs in the world with its ever-expanding reliance on technology.

A large part of the class includes self-exploration of different computer science aspects. Each year ushers in new projects such as Arduino boards or the Boe-bot robotics kits addition last year.

“I really want to do a better job talking about the new components and start introducing one new component a day,” Lange said.

The biggest promise of the year is a dedicated Research & Development class where students can focus solely on the projects they wish to complete and focus on them the entire trimester.

“A lot great projects come through CSSE’s R&D time but for the dedicated Research & Development class we should have some pretty elaborate projects,” said Lange.

Last year students were able to present their projects through a public showcase held by Lange called Innovation Day. The students showcased their R&D projects that they worked on throughout the school year in a big showcase held in the GLHS library which was open to any student or staff member to visit and chat with the students. This year due to the positive feedback of innovation day Lange plans to do it once again this year but plans to improve the niche issues from last year.

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