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Students celebrate with themed school days

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Spirit days are an important aspect to connecting students and teachers with cheering on the football and basketball teams. Depending on the person, dressing up may mean a simple shirt that barely connects to the theme or spending lots of time and money to piece together the perfect outfit.


“These days are so much fun, you get to dress wacky,” sophomore Carter Nuss said.

For all of the people who participate in these days, they have had nothing but fun with their funky outfits.

Heather Shaffer, teaches her AP statistic class dressed as a minion. Photo by Keyshawn Wilson.

Students who fully participate in spirit days are the ones who really show what the days are all about.


We have spirit days for both Homecoming and regular football games. For regular football games, the school doesn’t get dressed up until they go to the game. During homecoming week, we all go to school in our wacky outfits.


“I loved the Hawaiian day this year, but I would have enjoyed an America day as well,” Nuss said. These days make the games and the school days more fun for everyone who wants to get involved.


Home and away games have spirit days, the seniors decide what as a group which days would be most enjoyable. When everyone joins in and dresses up, we look much more unified. This school spirit gets everyone together and ready to support our football team and help them to victory.


In the past, we have had very similar themes throughout the years, now the student body is getting more creative. As a student body, we have been getting more creative with our themes, adding disney this year has put a spin on our usual attire.

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