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Freshman Cully Cooper set to take stage once again

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Cully Cooper, age 14 and freshman at Gull Lake high school, has become quite the veteran actor at the Civic. Cooper has worked on many shows including, Beauty and the Beast and The Tempest . This time he is taking the stage on October 21 as Fleance in a modernized version of Macbeth.

His very first production was the classic children’s show, Beauty and the Beast.

“My father, signed me up for an audition workshop for Beauty and the Beast... which I thought was very below my age, but I went in and it completely changed my life,” Cooper said. “I found probably what I want to do for the rest of my life.”

Freshman Cully Cooper performing in ‘The Tempest’ during the Civics summer outreach program, Shakespeare in the Park. Photo Courtesy of Cully Cooper.

Cooper said he likes to work at the Civic because he feels it is the most professional theatre in the area. He has considered disbursing his talents elsewhere; however, he also participates in Gull Lake high school’s marching band, which takes a good portion of his time.

Freshman Cully Cooper performing in the Kalamazoo Civic Theatres production of The Borrowers. Photo courtesy of Fred Western .

Recently Cooper participated in a Civic outreach program called “Shakespeare in the Park.” Cooper as well as the rest of the company travelled from Kalamazoo park to Kalamazoo park, performing The Tempest.

“A lot of my friends were in that with me which is probably what made it very special,”Cooper said.

Even though it is very different from the first productions he did, Cooper enjoys performing Shakespeare. Performing in the The Borrowers, immediately prior to The Tempest Cooper’s opening line was simply- “wasp.”

“Performing shakespeare is a big contrast… [going from simple acting to] having full monologues in a gut wrenching deep voice where you have no microphone,” he said. “It is also a complicated language. With iambic pentameter you really get into a rhythm of speaking. It was a big change but a nice change. It’s definitely addicting.”

Cooper said he plans on acting for the rest of his life. His dream Shakespearean role is Puck from Midsummer’s Night Dream, and his musical dream role is Elder Cunningham, from the Book of Mormon.





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