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Gull Lake wins homecoming game against Battle Creek Central

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Senior running back Thomas VanderMolen cuts with the ball in hopes to make a big play. Photo courtesy of Keyshawn Wilson

On September 29, Gull Lake hosted their annual Homecoming game. This year’s game was a matchup against the Bearcats from Battle Creek Central. Coming into the game, the Blue Devils were 2-3 with sights set on redemption from their previous game.

Starting the game kicking the ball, the Blue Devils attempted to set the tone of the game with the first hit. The Devil’s defense came to play; they started the game forcing a three and out of the Bearcat offense. After the punt, Gull Lake’s offense stalled and they were forced to punt.

The Devil’s defense made light work on the next possession holding the Bearcats to no yards and another punt. Gull Lake’s offense made some adjustments after the first possession and drove down the field, the drive was capped off with a 24 yard touchdown pass to senior wide receiver Niner Stark.

Missing the extra point, the score was 6-0. Kicking the ball off to the bearcats from the 25 yard line due to an unsportsmanlike call, the Devil’s defense forced yet another three and out and Bearcat punt. Starting their drive with momentum, Gull Lake made short work of the Bearcat defense after a 71 yard touchdown run by junior flex Ravelle Johnson. Attempting to go for two, Gull Lake was stuffed and the scored remained 12-0.

Senior quarterback Hunter Snyder walks to the sideline to receive the play call. Photo courtesy of Keyshawn Wilson

Starting the second quarter on defense. Gull Lake stopped the Bearcat offense with senior cornerback Jacob Gleason nearly intercepting a pass. Getting the ball with a short field to go, Gull Lake’s offense stalled and turned the ball over on downs after a failed QB sneak attempt.

The Devil’s defense came up with yet another three and out and forced a Bearcat punt. Gull Lake’s offense couldn’t do much with the ball after getting behind in the first down yardage, Gull Lake was forced to punt yet again. Putting the Bearcats close to their own goal line, the Devil’s defense attempted to make many plays to score a safety, and even tried to intercept a screen pass. After a Bearcat punt, the Devil’s offense took over but was short lived.

A short pass attempt was deflected up by the defender and into the hands of another Bearcat. The Bearcat offense then went for an immediate home run ball which, this time, was intercepted by Gleason.

“I was mad that I dropped the first interception so I made sure that I held on to the second one that was thrown my way,” Gleason said.

Shortly after that the clock hit zeros and the game went to halftime, the score 12-0 in favor of Gull Lake.

Senior Wide Receiver Jacob Gleason goes out for a route. Photo courtesy of Keyshawn Wilson

“We knew we had to put on a show for our massive home crowd so we went out there and just balled out,” senior quarterback Hunter Snyder said. “We did our best to make plays and make sure us seniors got our last win on the home field.”

Coming out of halftime, the Blue Devils received the ball. Having seemed to make the right adjustments at halftime, the Devils drove right down the field and capped off the drive with a 12 yard touchdown run by Snyder.

The two point conversion was again failed and the score was 18-0 in the third quarter. After kicking the ball to the Bearcats, their offense seemed to find its mojo and was driving down the field, but was quickly stopped after senior linebacker Cam Green jumped the route and intercepted the pass.

The Blue Devil’s momentum was quickly stopped after the pass rush got to Snyder and forced the fumble, which was recovered by BCC. Again seeming to have their mojo, the Bearcats were driving down the field, but was again stopped by a fumble which was recovered by senior linebacker Logan Birchmeier. The Blue Devils were driving down the field, running every play hoping to take time off the clock.

Cade “Big Daddy” Stanton runs down on the kickoff in hopes of making the tackle. Photo courtesy of Keyshawn Wilson

Starting the fourth quarter on a fourth down, the Devil’s hoped to pick up the first down and continue to chew through the clock, but they couldn’t convert and turned the ball over on downs.

On a key third and short, the Devil’s got after the Bearcat’s quarterback and the senior duo of Adam Maloian and Nate Money got the sack, forcing the punt. Starting the drive close to their own goal line, the Blue Devils drove down the field with big plays but stalled on the ten yard line after a penalty, turning the ball over on downs to the Bearcats.

The Bearcats drove to midfield but were stopped midfield by senior linebacker John Volesky sacking the quarterback on a fourth down. Getting the ball at midfield, Gull Lake put their second stringers in and had a short lived drive that gave the ball back to BCC. With one last push to score, BCC drove down the field and capped the drive with a 20 yard touchdown pass. Going for two and converting, the score was 18-8 with minimal time remaining.

The Bearcat’s onside kick was recovered by senior Thomas VanderMolen and junior quarterback Dawson Clancy sealed the game with the kneel.

Gull Luke won the game 18-8 and are now 3-3 on the season with sights set on playoffs. The next game is at Kalamazoo Central on October 6.

Ryan McMullen

I am the Sports Editor of The Reflection. I mainly write about football and basketball with a few miscellaneous articles here and there. I have won honorable mentions for my articles and this year I hope to win first place this year and win another Spartan Award for The Reflection.


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