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Annual Ryan Rally PTO fundraiser keeps kids active

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On Friday, October 6 the annual Ryan Rally PTO Fundraiser will be held.

“The students are excited for it,” said Ryan Intermediate assistant principal Krystal Hawkins. “There is music, there’s usually a DJ out, we’ve had Western soccer players come in, sometimes it’s some of the football team, we’ve even had the local mascots stop in before.”  

The students walk or run around the track by the Ryan, and with each lap they get a little foot token to put on a bracelet or necklace.  

The Ryan Rally is a way to get kids excited about being active.  During school they have the opportunity to run with their class for an hour and try to collect laps.  After school with parent permission, the students can stay out and keep running, and our given the opportunity to have a pizza dinner in the cafeteria.

Not only is this a way to get kids excited about running, it’s also the school’s main fundraiser and is sponsored by the PTO.

“Money raised goes to help fund field trips, it helps to purchase classroom needs, things for the school, and things for the kids here,” Hawkins said.  

However, without the help of the community, Ryan Rally wouldn’t be able to raise the money needed.  

Before the actual event, the students collect pledges,  “People will pledge like 10 cents a lap, or a dollar a lap,” said Hawkins.  Neighbors and family members giving pledges to students help keep ryan rally moving and also help with the many needs of the school.

So if a student ever comes up to you and asks for a pledge make sure you give them one and help keep ryan rally running.  

Zoe Teel

I am a senior at Gull Lake High School, and this is my first year on staff.  I am in my first year of Model UN and was involved with PAC for two years.  I hope to improve my photography along with writing and learn more about journalism as I am very interested in photojournalism.


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