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Gull Lake sports instagrams rated

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Gull Lake Cross Country:  @gull_lake_xc

Followers: 176
Following: 306
Posts: 15

I must say–the Gull Lake Cross Country Instagram page is doing pretty well, considering the account was only made in late August of this year.  Its posts are mostly of the team having fun and being silly, but it doesn’t post any action shots.  However, unlike many of Gull Lake’s other team Instagram accounts, the Gull Lake Cross Country page does not post the date or location of meets, and if the team is looking for more people to attend meets and support team members,  adding that element into its account would be helpful.  










Gull Lake Boys’ Soccer:  @gulllakesoccer

Followers: 93
Following: 67
Posts: 15

Started in late August of 2016, the Gull Lake Boys’ Soccer team posted photos from all its games that fall, but it hasn’t updated its page as regularly during the 2017 season.  The page has mostly action pictures with a caption saying when an upcoming game is, but it would probably be better if they posted more regularly to gain greater support.  










Gull Lake Girls’ Soccer:  @gulllakews

Followers: 186
Following: 254
Posts: 7

Its Instagram was made in May, and during the 2017 season, the team post the dates of a couple of games to to earn student support, but more posts are needed to keep the interest going.  While the girls’ soccer team has the most followers, it could likely get many more if they posted more often instead of just a few times during the summer.










Gull Lake Volleyball:  @gull.lake.volleyball

Followers: 105
Following: 114
Posts: 4

The volleyball team is the newest addition to Gull Lake’s sports accounts, with its first post dating back only to this September. Like both soccer teams, Gull Lake Volleyball posts a recap of its  games with details in the caption regarding whether the match was a or loss. They have plenty of action shots but will want to post more and keep up with it as the season carries on.  


Cross Country Boys’ Soccer Girls’ Soccer Volleyball
Post Frequency 1 3 4 2
Post Creativity 1 2 3 4
Photo Quality 4 2 3 1
Caption Quality 2 3 4 1


Overall, Cross Country gets the best rating since they post frequently and creatively.  Volleyball get’s 2nd; itse account is very new, and a lot of important information is contained in  captions and also post great photos.  Boys’  Soccer gets 3rd, if they posted more often this season it would’ve probably gotten a better rating.  Girls’ Soccer gets 4th as those in charge of the account could do much better posting more frequently.


Zoe Teel

I am a senior at Gull Lake High School, and this is my first year on staff.  I am in my first year of Model UN and was involved with PAC for two years.  I hope to improve my photography along with writing and learn more about journalism as I am very interested in photojournalism.


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