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Student Style Saturday: Micah Sweezie talks personal style

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Sweezie referred to this sweater as his “grandma sweater,” and brought white tennis shoes to give his pastel look a good base. Photo by Sydney Rotigel-Finegan.

On any given day, senior Micah Sweezie might be found roaming the halls of Gull Lake High School in overalls, colorful socks, or one of his signature retro sweatshirts. No matter the look, he always tries to make it unique to his personal style.

“I can’t really classify my style as one thing, because I’m inspired by so many looks,” Sweezie said. “But if I had to I would say it’s a ‘revival’ as I respect all fashion styles, old and new.”

According to Sweezie, his style developed after he started thrift shopping and continues to evolve around the iconic articles of clothing he finds.

At the moment, he acquires most of his wardrobe at Salvation Army.

“Whenever I go shopping, it’s rare that I walk into a store knowing what I want,” Sweezie said. “Most of the time I just buy whatever speaks to me.”

Sweezie climbed and hung off of the stairwell railing for this shot. Thankfully, he and his hat (brought especially for this outfit) didn’t fall off. Photo by Sydney Rotigel-Finegan.

While some of his current inspirations are the late 80s and early 90s, the artistic community and grunge, Sweezie isn’t a fan of trends.

“I kind of hate them because people will follow them blindly just for the approval of equally-as-blind people,” Sweezie said. “But my most hated ones are the tied flannels around the waist for girls, and the ‘onion’ [hair] cut for boys when they have short sides with a long top in a mini bun–gag.”

He encourages anyone trying to find their own personal style to explore, be themselves, and keep in mind that it may take some time to find their look.

Sweezie slides down the stairwell banister, clad in a pair of jeans he customized (with painted stripes and sassy butt patches) himself. Photo by Sydney Rotigel-Finegan.

What usually keeps me going is that I don’t care what other people think of my style because the only person I dress for is myself,” Sweezie said.


“Clothes has no gender, so wear whatever you want!”-Micah Sweezie



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