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Kaleigh Belz elected to MASC/MAHS Student Board of Delegates

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Wednesday, April 19, sophomore (now junior) Kaleigh Belz received a call she had been awaiting since her spring break interview with MASC/MAHS Student Leadership. First introduced to the organization through her work in Student Senate and encouraged to apply by both her parents and Senate advisor Lisa Addy, Belz was elected to the Center 7 MASC/MAHS Student Board of Delegates.

I hadn’t heard any news since (the interview) on any of the selections so it was rather nerve-wracking during the wait,” Belz said. “…I didn’t really expect to be selected but I was really happy when I was told that I had been.”

The application process as a whole consisted of a letter of recommendation from Addy, a short resume, and a headshot video explaining Belz’s reasons for wanting to serve on the board. Before making their final decisions, MASC conducted phone interviews and reviewed each application.

While attending the MASC/MAHS state conference last year, Belz observed the delegate members helping organize and run the event. Upon being prompted to apply, she figured she may as well try to join their ranks.

“It seemed like an interesting opportunity and it was also something that if accomplished would represent our school well,” Belz said.

Belz stands with the members of her council at MASC’s camp. Photo courtesy Kaleigh Belz.

As a student delegate, Belz will meet with others on the board to share ideas as well as organize conferences, training sessions, and programs. Beyond the overarching goals of MASC/MAHS, Belz hopes to personally accomplish several things.

“Most importantly I want to be a voice in the organization and help contribute towards the growing of leadership in other students,” Belz said. “I also want to be able to promote the organization so that more schools, councils, and senates get involved, especially near our area.

Belz expressed her excitement to be a part of an organization she has admired not only for letting students showcase themselves as a Senate but for giving students opportunities to grow their leadership potential.

“It is a really great organization and I am proud to be able to represent them and our school in this new opportunity,” Belz said.

Belz attends a curriculum session while at MASC camp. Photo courtesy Kaleigh Belz.

Update: Three months into her Junior year, Belz is positively loving her MASC experience.

“I’ve really enjoyed being able to meet all of these like-minded people from across the state,” she said.

Belz and her fellow delegates are currently setting up the curriculum for the Leadership Training Institute (LIT), which MASC puts on in several places across Michigan. As a delegate, Belz gets to facilitate and lead the curricular sessions the board plans and writes up.

“We are continually trying to up membership and knowledge of the organization, to get students in the different LTI’s, conferences, and the camp that MASC puts on each summer,” Belz said.

For more information on MASC, go to https://mascmahs.org/. 


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