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Kalamazoo/Battle Creek Autism Society hosts Masquerade Ball at Henderson Castle

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On Saturday, October 21 the Kalamazoo/Battle Creek Autism Society will host its second annual Masquerade Ball located at Henderson Castle. The event will last from 7 to 10 p.m. Activities offered at the Masquerade Ball include wine tasting, dancing and trivia. A general admission ticket includes all of these activities and dinner. The recommended attire is formal wear and a mask; however, guests are also able to make more of a costume party out of the ball.

We wanted to do a benefit dinner for our chapter for two reasons: first, to raise awareness about what we are doing for families with autism, and to help the community understand autism better and second,. as a fundraiser for our chapter,” said event coordinator Trina Wood.

All proceeds from the ball will go straight into the Kalamazoo/Battle Creek communities or towards the Society. According to Wood, this event is very unique in comparison to the other events hosted by the Autism Society. Other such events, such as the Autism Awareness Walk that the society hosts have been aimed at people of all ages, while the Masquerade Ball is aimed more towards adults.

“The Masquerade Ball is quite a different event because it is a fun event geared towards adults,” she said. “It reaches a different group of people, and is primarily a fundraiser.”

The Masquerade Ball is to take place in Henderson Castle on October 21.
Photo Courtesy of pixaby.com

Wood said spots for the ball have been filling fast, with only a handful of general admission tickets left, selling at $75 each.  Only 125 total tickets available, due to the size of the castle.

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