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The YMCA continues as trademark to Gull Lake community

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Gull Lake students organize a student organized basketball tournament at the YMCA every year.

The Sherman Lake YMCA is a popular location for private events, children’s activities and functions as a gym.  

“The YMCA is always finding ways to be part of the community,” said Gull Lake high school graduate Noah Junker.  “We hold fundraisers to raise money to help out also.”

It organizes day camps for the young children and overnight camps for the older ones.  The YMCA holds weddings and business meetings inside the dining hall.  It houses a recreation center including a pool, weight room, spin classes, dance classes, yoga classes, basketball court, rock climbing, a daycare and even a pool table. Many families and friends attend the YMCA because it is a close and inclusive environment.

Junker said working at the YMCA has a lot of benefits for employees including a free membership.

“When working, I always take the opportunity to help someone out in the weight room, if they need someone to spot for them or even have a conversation about lifting,” Junker said.

One of the advantages for the events at Sherman Lake is the dining; it is included with several of the offered event plans

“The kitchen is not bad when we make food for camps, meetings, and weddings,”  Junker said.

Kellogg Hall is the main dining hall, it seats up to 240 and offers a full-service kitchen.

The YMCA is a family friendly environment offering a great experience to all with dining, camping, swimming, fitness and many different activities.

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