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Gull Lake High School replenishes staff in new school year

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Retired history teacher Patrick Pearson – Screencap taken from video by Dylan Grosser, Sierra Rehm and Taylor Davison

At the end of the 2016-2017 school year Gull Lake High School said goodbye to many teachers. A couple retired, a few moved on, and many switched to virtual teaching positions in lieu of the traditional classroom setting.

“Some of our teachers switching to virtual was kind of a last minute move,” said Gull Lake High School’s vice principal Kris Simms.
Some of the teachers never anticipated switching to virtual school, but when the opportunity was presented, they decided it was the best decision.

Teachers who switched to teaching virtual school included science teacher Michelle Mahar, social studies teacher Stacy Bush, and social studies teacher Jason Elder. Counselor, Jodi Stanton switched to working on the virtual school program as well.

History teachers Patrick Pearson and Gary Sprague both retired. ELA teachers Andrea Walker left to join the police force and Nicole. Myers took a job at the Battle Creek Federal Center, while theatre arts teacher , Jon Kind took a teaching job in Lake Orion, Michigan. Steve Patterson, a special education teacher, retired as well and is now traveling.

Despite the big changes Simms said he is ready for the new school year. Before the school year even started the teachers participated in team building activities, including a scavenger hunt and an escape room.

“We have a really good staff here that works really well together,We have a nice mix of some veteran teachers who have been doing this for five or ten years, and then some teachers who are fairly young as far as their experience,” Simms said.

One teacher joining Gull Lake High Schools teaching team is Ryan Gallogly, who teaching United States history A, Civics, and A.P. United States History.. Gallogly the veteran teacher, this is his 15th year teaching.

“I taught up in Kentwood for several years and before that I taught out of state in Indiana,” Gallogly wanted to become a head football coach, and last year he took a job working for Gull Lake High School. So when he heard that an opportunity opened for a full time teaching position, and a coaching position he applied.

Gallogly received his undergrad in history from Western Michigan University, and his masters from Trine.

“I’m really excited to be here, and I am excited to be in a building where I think we have a lot of serious students, I’m just grateful to have this opportunity,” Gallogly said.

Other new teachers include Melanie Alpuche teaching Biology and Environmental Science, Daniel Beech contributing to the special education department, Katie Barron and Cristy Connellee teaching English, Lisa Ouellette contributing to the drama department, and Jack Vander Sluis and Erica Vargas teaching social studies.


[caption id="attachment_23989" align="alignleft" width="300"] Tova Carter poses for mug shot.[/caption] This year is my first year on newspaper, and my final one at Gull Lake high school. I’ve always wanted to do newspaper but never seemed to have the time. I enjoy writing and have a passion for news.  


  1. Natalie Patterson

    Steve Patterson retired as well and I hear he’s having a great time traveling the country – just visited Washington, DC for the first time last weekend 🙂

    • Cheryl Jolin

      That’s great to hear, Natalie. We miss your dad a lot too. Sounds like he’s having a great time in his travels.
      Mrs. Jolin

    • Tova Carter

      I updated the article 🙂 My bad.


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