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Gracespring Church ‘graces’ Gull Lake Middle School and Kalamazoo

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Gracespring members help clean up the Gull Lake Middle school’s yard. Photo by Nicole Fraaza

On Sunday morning, October 8, Gracespring Church took to the busy Kalamazoo streets to spread a little love and prayer.

“We had cups of coffee and asked if they wanted a cup, and we would then ask them for their names and talk to them about their stories,” said Marlaina Arledge, a youth group student at Gracespring. Arledge said she proceeded to asked the homeless if they wanted to pray with the group.

The group would either pray with them right then or write their prayers in a notebook. By the end of the morning, each group found they had almost two to three pages worth of requests. In the end, the church group held hands with people of the Kalamazoo community and connected with them through conversation.

“When there was no one to talk to, we would travel down the streets and pick up trash, looking for people to talk to,” Arledge said. “We believe in serving our community and to take time out of our Sunday because we know that everyone is going to come together anyway.” The youth group has gone to Kalamazoo before and always enjoy meeting new people and learning their stories.

Not only had the Gracespring’s volunteers serve its Kalamazoo community, but the members also helped around the Richland district. The church members were split into two groups, the one downtown and the other at the Gull Lake Middle School, where they helped clean the yard all around the school grounds, moved rocks, trimmed bushes, and raked leaves.

“It was fun working alongside people I didn’t usually get to work with,” said youth group member, Rebekah True. “You think that its’ going to be hard and it seems like ‘I have to give up my time,’ but helping others is not that difficult.”

Both the Gull Lake Middle school and downtown Kalamazoo areas received the love and support from the deeds and words of Gracespring Church members.

Destiny Peterson

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