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Taco Bob’s: As close to ‘average’ as possible

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Taco Bob’s is a local restaurant chain that sells tacos and other mexican orientated foods. One location is located at 300 S Kalamazoo Mall #171, Kalamazoo, Michigan.

As far as taco restaurants go, Taco Bob’s is nothing special. It is by no means a bad food establishment; however, nothing about it stands out.

Taco Bob’s takes a very standard approach to its menu, and the food choices are fairly  limited.  Counterintuitively however, this isn’t actually a negative quality as it allows the chefs to focus on things better in order to make products both better and faster.

This only becomes a problem when the small number of dishes available aren’t that good. The taste of the food is very comparable to that of Los Amigos, another local mexican restaurant chain, meaning it has a very unique taste that doesn’t contribute to a memorable experience, however it certainly isn’t something that you would be against tasting.

The plating is given no thought, so that’s not able to be used as a redeeming quality.

The only thing that makes Taco Bob’s a reasonable lunch choice is its great prices. Simple tacos cost $1.89, whereas the more expensive items, like the “Bob’s Wet Burrito”, reaches $7.28 which is a perfectly reasonable price for the meal being served.

Something that does give the restaurant a little bit of “wow factor” is the atmosphere inside the actual establishment.

While it isn’t mexican orientated, like you might expect from a restaurant with taco in the name, it is however a nice place to be. There’s a downstairs area with a tv and a bar in it, as well as an upstairs area with a few more tv’s as well. The restaurant is also relatively colorful, breathing out an inviting air to the establishment.

Taco Bob’s is an ideal place for lunch if you want food that isn’t amazing, but certainly not bad, for a great price and an inviting place to eat in.

A better alternative would be Nina’s Taqueria, located at 111 E Michigan Ave, Augusta, Michigan, offering better food and a more mexican style atmosphere, at a much higher price however.

Keith Tracy

Hi my name Keith Tracy. I am a sophomore at Gull Lake High school. I like to take long walks on the beach, during a nice toasty 67 degree weather. You can often find me socializing with people both over the phone and in person. I’m generally a pretty happy guy, but every now and then, I get a little grouchy.


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