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Treat your bathrooms the way you would want to be treated

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Have you stepped in a suspicious puddle in the bathroom? Have you ever stepped into a stall only to find the toilet full? Have you ever watched someone walk out of the bathroom without washing their hands? I most definitely have; it’s disgusting. Who’s to blame? Ourselves.

To the students of Gull Lake High School, I ask one thing, and one thing only. Can we please improve the men’s bathrooms?

Walking into a Gull Lake bathroom is like walking into a dump. The conditions in our bathroom wouldn’t pass any health inspection.

The bathroom signs are flipped when upstairs and downstairs. Photo by Miles Renwick.

I can’t seem to figure out why there’s so much water on the floor. Do students purposefully drain water bottles or urinate on the floors? Nothing brings me more cringe than finding my new shoes have been soaked with the mystery liquid beneath the urinals.

What’s concerning is that the signature scent of our bathrooms doesn’t even smell like a toilet. They smell like a thick cloud of cat litter mingled with expired cat food. I don’t think I’m going to be able to survive the entire school year with my nose being burnt by the smell. We might need some nose plugs if our bathrooms continue to have this peculiar scent.

Why? I truly don’t know. I can’t wrap my head around the mysterious stench that certainly doesn’t belong in a top tier facility such as Gull Lake. If you’re a common men’s bathroom user, you can’t sit here and tell me you haven’t noticed the weird yellowish brown dye that sits in the mouth of every bathroom sink. Is it related to our water conditions? No clue.

One of our biggest issues arises from those who decide it’s best leave their #2 in the toilet without flushing. It amazes me that people can’t even turn around and flush the toilet. It’s as simple as pressing a button. I’m starting to believe there’s some sort of game people are playing where the person whose #2 sits in the toilet the longest wins.

Let’s start a new game where we flush the toilet!

I’ve encountered several instances where I’ve had to use a toilet and not one, but two toilets were full of human waste. Then, I’m forced to take time out of my day to walk down the hallway to a lesser preferred bathroom. Next thing you know, I’m sitting in my least favorite bathroom (because it has the worst environment) all because two rotten souls never flushed the toilet. All you have to do is turn 180 degrees and press a small black button.

Treat the school’s toilets the way you would your toilet at home and flush them.

In a previous article I wrote, I addressed the need for paper towel dispensers in our bathrooms. The blow dryers are slow and ineffective, which leads to students not washing their hands or simply dampening their hands in the sink. This creates a very low standard of hygiene outside of the bathroom, which may contribute to the way students treat the insides of a bathroom. If hygiene isn’t a priority to a student, then they obviously will not find themselves flushing the toilet.

I call upon students of Gull Lake High School to at least make an effort towards cleaning up our bathrooms.

Miles Renwick

I am a senior at Gull Lake High School, and this is my first year on staff. I play varsity soccer and enjoy writing about sports. I am looking forward to a good year.


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