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It’s lit at the Richland Fire Department open house

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According to their mission statement, the Richland Fire Department makes it their goal “to honorably serve the residents of Richland Township delivering service with respect, responsibility, and pride.” Photo Courtesy of Pixabay

On Saturday, October 7, the Richland Fire Department hosted their annual open house.

“This is a great experience for everyone; young kids and their family can come down here and learn about the Fire Department, and how we do things around here,” said Fire Chief James Campbell.  

The Fire Department had food, drinks, and games for everyone, and they showed everyone what they do when there is a fire: bells went off and lights went on.

“I’ve had a lot of fire department in my life,” Campbell said. “I love it. I love the atmosphere here, can’t wait for my future here.”  

The department showed everyone there the percussions when the trucks are started, and how to fill the water into the trucks. Little kids got the chance to shoot water out of the water hose, too. 

The firefighters also bobbed for apples against kids (and let the little kids win), but that didn’t last for long because they then had the basketball games. The firefighters stepped it up, and beat the eight year olds.   

Don’t miss next year’s open house. 


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