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What Is Environmental Club?

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Environmental Club is an after school activity where a group of people get together and talk about environmental issues, and the group even has a school garden.

“It’s a club where we meet on a weekly basis and talk about environmental issues as well as help make our school more sustainable and we maintain a school garden,” said senior Environmental Club member, Elizabeth Mellema.

Mellema said she enjoys participating in the Environment Club. and says it’s a lot of fun.

“I like the club a lot, and many of my friends are in it,” Mellema said.  They get to maintain their own green house even.

She said the members in the club have good chemistry with each other–which makes the club more enjoyable.

The group takes on new members each year with the new freshman class coming into their first year of high school as well as people who have been members of the club for a while. The environmental club is going to keep growing and keep doing great things.

“I have been a member of the environmental club since my sophomore year so three years,” Mellema said.


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