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‘Tbh’ app becomes popular among students

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The iPhone application, Tbh, is increasing in Gull Lake users everyday. The anonymous polling app has been downloaded by students over 300 times.

The game consists of selecting students from a poll question ranging from “most likely to cry watching The Notebook 200 times” to “most attractive.” The winner of the poll receives a notification stating the gender and the grade of the student who selected them. At this point, the recipient of the poll can reply to it. If the poll nominator responds, then their identity is revealed.

Large group of Gull Lake student body enjoys two things: football games and social iPhone apps.

Junior Brandon Ruge considers himself to be among the savviest Tbh players at Gull Lake.

“My favorite part [of tbh] are the responses to polls…some people can be really clever and funny,” Ruge said.

Ruge said the funniest poll he’s won said he could beat DJ Khaled in an inspirational battle.

Freshman Eli Mason, nicknamed “The Machine,” has quite the reputation on the app.

“I really like that you can send people things you wouldn’t really tell them in real life,” Mason said.

Mason said the best poll he’s received was “in the best shape.”

Both Brandon Ruge and Eli Mason share one thing in common: they said that they don’t think the app will remain popular for the remainder of the school year.

Miles Renwick

I am a senior at Gull Lake High School, and this is my first year on staff. I play varsity soccer and enjoy writing about sports. I am looking forward to a good year.


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