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Arts and Eats brings attention to local galleries and studios

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Design Street, located at 115 West Bridge Street in Plainwell, Michigan, participated in the Arts and Eats Tour October 21-22. Photo courtesy Alivia Ayer.

The Arts and Eats Tour, which included the Richland Gull Lake area in its scope, took place October 21 to 22. The Tour is a free, self-driving event in which visitors can drop in at a variety of partner organizations; participating restaurants, art studios and gallery sites are specified by maps featured on the Arts and Eats website.It not only offered the public a chance to enjoy local food and art, but an opportunity for restaurants, galleries and artists to show the public its specialties.

Gallery sites serve to showcase a variety of local work all at once. One such environment is Design Street, a “nonprofit art education studio located in the former Plainwell Fire Station.”

Sophia Schafer, a homeschooled student enrolled in an 3D Art class hosted by Design Street, works on her most recent project. She manipulates various wires to replicate a jade plant. Photo courtesy Alivia Ayers.

“I started Design Street because I wanted a way to encourage people to explore their creativity through the visual arts,” said founder and director Rachel Hopkins. “Our instructors are professional artists and trained art educators who love to share their personal techniques and artistic experiences with others.”

We are “ART FOR THE CURIOUS as well as THE SERIOUS” because we offer ART classes for all levels and ages. We welcome students to come try new things, perhaps experiencing ART for the first time, but we also offer classes for more serious art students who plan to make art their career, and would like to know more about being a professional artist and how to get started.-Hopkins 

The Arts and Eats Tour, which they first participated in fall of 2016, gives artisans and an opportunity to do this.

“[It] offers the community a chance to step inside our workshops and see what we are capable of accomplishing when we give ourselves the time and space to create,” Hopkins said.

Facilities like Design Street are often overlooked in the busyness of life, she said.

“We love having the opportunity through the Arts and Eats Tour to grab the attention of those who may not otherwise stop to check us out,” Hopkins said.

Visit Design Street’s Website at http://www.designstreetplainwell.com/


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