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Madeline Hinkley dances her way through life

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Senior Madeline Hinkley performs a solo being presented on the Chenery Auditorium stage. Photo courtesy of Julie Stroh.

While Gull Lake High School focuses more on the common sports and activities, senior Madeline Hinkley doesn’t let this stop her from dancing.

Hinkley is a part of the Ensemble at Ballet Arts, which is a performing company that is primarily the best dancers at the studio and is made up of high school girls.

“I have tried jazz and tap, and I still do modern, but classical ballet is my favorite,” Hinkley said.

Although she has tried many forms of dance, Hinkley has a fondness for ballet.

“I started dancing when I was three, so I do not completely remember my decision to start. But I know I was always dancing as a kid, and I have just always loved it,” Hinkley said.

Madeline Hinkley is performing as a cat in Peter and the Wolf. Photo courtesy Julie Stroh.

Hinkley has danced for 15 years, and aside from her heavy school load, dance makes up a majority of her life.

“I take two advanced ballet classes each week, one pointe class, and a modern class,” Hinkley said. “Then I have company class and rehearsal on Saturdays along with some Sundays.”

Along with all of the dance classes she is enrolled in, Hinkley has been in several of the shows that Ballet Arts has put on.

“This year is my sixth Nutcracker at Ballet Arts,” Hinkley said. “I was in the children’s cast as an angel twice, a party child and a candy courtier; and while I have been in Ensemble I was candy cane, snow and a maid my sophomore year and this year I am snow, snow solo and Russian.”

The classic dance performance The Nutcracker is the show Ballet Arts puts on most often, resulting in it being the one Hinkley has performed in the most, but it is not the only one she’s been a part of.

“In the children’s cast I was also in Cinderella and the Twelve Dancing Princesses,” Hinkley said. “In Ensemble, I have performed in Swan Lake Act II, cotton candy in Hansel and Gretel last year, the cat in an excerpt of Peter and the Wolf, along with many other smaller roles.”

Hinkley has been several different characters, but once the costumes and the makeup come off she is still just a girl who loves to dance.


Madeline Hinkley and Carolyn Stults performing as Russian in Nutcracker Suite. Photo courtesy of Julie Stroh.

“I just love doing it,”Hinkley said. “I cannot really point to a specific reason other than that.”

Hinkley said she has a true enjoyment for dance, which pushes her to work hard and long on her roles to get her performance to the best it can be.

“Whenever I am working on a specific part for a long time, and I finally complete it well, that is the best feeling,” Hinkley said.  “Also the girls I get to dance with are so fantastic.”

Along with the passion that drives her to dance, the girls in her ensemble make her dance experience what it is.

“The girls I dance with make up an amazing community of girls, who are all insanely supportive and are some of my closest friends,” Hinkley said.

Dancing has had a major influence on her life. And she said that dance has made her who she is, given her her closest friends, and has become something she’s proud of. Hinkley is not sure what her future will be, but she said  she hopes dancing will be in her path.

“It really depends on what college I go to, but I am hopeful that dance will always be a part of my life,” Hinkley said.

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