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On September 15,  Malone released his most recent song, “Rockstar,” featuring rapper, 21 Savage. In the first week the single broke a record on Apple Music with more than 25 million streams. Being out a little over a month since its debut, the track  remains number one in 16 different countries.

The flow Malone uses is pretty generic, but he uses 21 Savage to change it up. The song has a laid back feel to it, and it’s very easy to vibe to. The song never gets to a point where it’s too loud and balances out the bass. Malone’s lyrics paint a picture of his life as a rockstar, rather than  spewing out a bunch of random nonsense.

Savage speeds up the song a little bit by switching his flow to a quicker one, and the beat follows him.  Like usual, 21 Savage didn’t say much but did add to the song. 

Malone starts his song with a discussion of his lifestyle of drugs and sex and how he feels like–of course–a rockstar. He goes on to mention legends in rock and roll like Bon Scott and Jim Morrison. He brings up Morrison when saying he would leave his concert in a cop car just like Morrison because of how crazy Malone likes to be at his own concerts. Overall he just compares his life to the stereotypical rockstar even though his music is nothing like that of a rockstar. This is a lot different than a lot of the new rappers. They struggle to stay on topic and Malone staying on topic and having a point adds to the music.

Rapper, Post Malone released his first single, “White Iverson,” (See video here) in August of 2015. The song topped out at 14 on the Billboard Hot 100 and was certified four times platinum. Since then, he has published his album Stoney, that had one song named “Congratulations” (See video here), topping out at number eight on the Billboard.

Malone has yet to release any information about new music coming but “Rockstar” should be enough for now.  The song will stay around for a while.


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