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Student Style Saturday: Kaitlyn Stricker chats about Converse and confidence

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Though she’s pictured wearing light denim here, black denim is a staple for Stricker. “I have this pair of black jeans that I probably wear four times a week,” she said. Photo by Sydney Rotigel-Finegan

If you happen to see a girl clad in black denim, an oversized button up shirt, and well-worn converse walking the halls of Gull Lake, it might just be Kaitlyn Stricker. Her style’s been developing for years, and now she’s confident in how it’s matured.

“It’s definitely changed. I think the biggest cause of that change is confidence,” Stricker said. “I used to feel like I had to dress a certain way, but now it’s a way to express myself, and I’m obviously different from anyone else, so I can dress in different ways.”

Stricker draws inspiration from various sources, including 80’s styles and social media.

“I don’t really have certain people, but it’s definitely a lot of social media,” she said. “I’ll save pictures and look at them later on when trying to put together an outfit.”

Though she experiments with many different looks, Stricker is partial to a certain color palette.  

“Typically it’s very dark in shades and colors–lots more black and grays than anything else.”

This preference is obvious not only in her wardrobe but in her shopping habits.

Stricker went to retrieve this black belt from her backpack for the photoshoot. Photo by Sydney Rotigel-Finegan.

“I typically go, again, right to the black and the grays  because I know that if I don’t find exactly the style that I like, I’m at least starting in the color that I like,” Stricker said.

She also looks for sales, which lead her to some amazing finds.

“A four dollar denim jacket that was exactly what I was looking for–fit perfectly, right size, just enough pockets,” Stricker said. “That was probably the best one.”

Stricker said she comes across most of these deals while thrift shopping at Salvation Army, and suggests anyone trying to find their style try it.

“Go try shopping at a thrift store, definitely, ‘cause then you’re kinda on your own putting pieces together,” she said. “Pull inspiration from multiple items and don’t directly copy certain outfits.”

Although Stricker pays attention to and draws inspiration from outside sources, she doesn’t confine herself to trends. She wears what she loves, whether in style or not.

“Even if it’s not a trend, I’ll forever wear converse until the day I die, whether they’re in style or not,” Stricker said.

Besides Salvation Army, Stricker also likes shopping at H&M, because it’s “still very neutral in color.” Photo by Sydney Rotigel-Finegan.

Also on her favorites list are black denim pieces and oversized items.

“I really like the big oversized stuff; I hope that never leaves, ‘cause I’ll definitely still be stealing my dad’s clothes for forever,” Stricker said.

As someone who dresses for herself, it pains her to see people dressing for others or to fit a fad. Stricker’s advice to those who want to break out of the mold and develop their personal style is as follows:

“Wear what makes you happy, not what you think someone else will like you in.”

 “Typically it’s different pieces from different hand me down stores; that way you really know it’s your own style, when you’re the one picking up different pieces and putting them together yourself.”- Kaitlyn Stricker 


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