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Debate gets down to business in November

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Sheila Wood prepares her Debate members for the upcoming assignment held November 4 at Michigan University. Photo credit by Parker Ferraco

With six Debates still left to go, Sheila Wood, coach of the Gull Lake Debate team, gears up for another year. On November 4 debate members will head to the University of Michigan for the group’s newest assignment.

The clubs debating topics, also known as assignments, are chosen every two months. Debate members currently finished with their North Korean assignment and will begin on the universal argument of checking on gun sales. To begin preparation for the new assignment, students must research and formulate speeches. One speech is for the resolution and the other negates the resolution.

The tournament is arranged with four people in one room. The four are split into two groups from different schools, these groups will then take turn giving their speeches in hopes of impressing the judges. These authorities do not judge based on opinion but who argues their point best.

“It’s all decided by a coin toss,” Woods said, “so our debaters have to research both sides of the argument in.”

The Gull Lake Debate team argues using the public forum, which is open to all expression protected under the first amendments. The students must execute arguments quickly, all the while maintaining a clear and concise point.

“The main forms of debate policy, public forum, and legislative with a little bit of Lincoln Douglas sprinkled in,” Woods said, “Policy and Public forum are the more commonly used forms of debate.”

Not only do students learn how to win arguments, but it can help with writing essays, presentations, and even everyday life, especially when learning to respect people’s opinions even though they might not agree.

Destiny Peterson

I am a senior at Gull Lake High School. This is my first and unfortunately last year in Newspaper. This will be my second year in the Performing Arts Company and will run Track and Field for a third year. I plan to go to college for a writing career and am really excited to get started.


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