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Exchange student Luisa Fiedler journeys from Germany to graduation

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Luisa Fiedler on the furthest right with her homecoming group. Photo courtesy of Lori Pederson.

Luisa Fiedler, a foreign exchange student from Germany, is new to the United States and Gull Lake. She came from Hof, Germany, which is in the central region. She has adapted well to her senior year and made many friends.

“Everybody is nice, so I don’t really miss it,” said Fiedler. “Maybe later.”

One aspect that could make or break the foreign experience is the host family. Fortunately for Fiedler, she likes her host family, the Jenners. They traveled to Washington D.C. which she said was really cool.

Fiedler said she has many things to look forward while she is here. The cultural differences she described are not too different and enhance the experience. For example, Christmas and graduation are more of a big deal here than Germany.

“I’m excited for Christmas because it’s celebrated a bit more,” Fiedler said. “The most exciting thing is graduation because we don’t celebrate it that much. The hats–that’s so cool.”

According to Fiedler, the school systems are slightly different. Gull Lake has five classes each trimester, whereas Germany has an altered scheduled every day.

Something else she has noticed is that Americans are more open compared to Germans.

“I love the small talk, when you say, ‘How are you doing?’ ‘Oh, I’m fine.’ We don’t really do that.”

Fiedler said she is a bit homesick, but the experience has been worth it so far. She has new friends, got to travel to new places, and will get to celebrate graduation and Christmas in a new way.

Interview with Fiedler by Ravelle Johnson and Courtney Pedersen

ravelle johnson

My name is Ravelle Johnson, I went to Albion Public Schools until 7th grade.  After Albion Public Schools was shut down, I  transferred to Marshall Middle School. I spent my 7th and 8th years there. My mother found a new job in Battle Creek, and we looked around for new schools.  Gull Lake offered the best education system and freshman year, I attended Gull Lake High School.


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