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Candy corn discourse: Tasty tradition or unappetizing apparition

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Cool kids consume candy corn

Candy corn is a staple for the fall season and is a cult classic for many. Its unique texture and consistent sugary contents especially, everything about the delectable candy is luxurious in every way. Candy corn has been around since the 1880s and has been a smashing success ever since.

Candy corn itself is a colorful, attractive, delicious, and all around perfect candy. It looks great, and it’s appearance does not lie; the taste is even better. Candy corn can be enjoyed year round, but is most definitely in it’s prime over the fall season.

People who believe the misconception that candy corn is not incredible have clearly succumbed to peer pressure and the popular opinion, as there is nothing at all to dislike about it.

Candy corn is one of the most unique and original candies in the game right now, and it has been for over a century. Beginning in the 1880s, candy corn was first put into distribution under the name “Chicken Feed” and have been a hit ever since. It’s even crazier how popular it has become while not following the standards of what candy commonly is imaged to be. It has now become a standard among all other popular candies nowadays.

Many people say candy corn is unhealthy, while completely disregarding the fact they are talking about candy. All candy should be unhealthy. The argument that it’s bad that candy corn is primarily made of sugar is completely invalid.

Candy corn is one of the best, most unique candies out there, and there is nothing to dislike about it.

written by Rowan Colosky

Candy corn is a candy thorn in our side

People who want to taste wax, plastic, and sugar all at once get the chance in the fall season–candy corn which used to be called chicken feed. At this point, chicken feed is more appetizing than these abominations who have the nerve to call themselves candy. A chocolate bar is candy. These are tragedies.

“But it looks like corn if you stack it up.” Yeah, only if the cornfield was bombed with Donald Trump’s spray tan.

Furthermore, what even is the texture? It’s waxy and chalky all at the same time, yet it disintegrates in your mouth. No one can tell if candy corn is supposed to be hard or soft-what it is is disgusting.

People over-indulge on candy corn because it’s a seasonal candy. The only positive about these gross bits of colored sugar is that they are not a year-round commodity.

These unnatural atrocities are too sweet. If you want cavities, I suggest candy corn; 19 pieces have 28 grams of sugar. That’s almost up to par with an entire of Coca-Cola. The standard ingredients are sugar, corn syrup, confectioner’s sugar glaze, salt, honey, dextrose, artificial flavor, gelatin and food coloring. You are basically eating colored sugar.

Candy corn is dangerous to pets. The high sugar and corn syrup content can cause a belly ache, vomiting, and diarrhea for dogs. Honestly, I feel sick after eating these repulsive triangles of despair, too.

Not only does it put your pet at risk, but trick or treaters. Often, candy corn does not come in closed packages. This opens the door to endless possibilities of what happened to them and who’s had them, at the very least it’s unsanitary.

These neopolitan rip-offs don’t even have three different flavors. The different colors all taste the same and that flavor isn’t even good. There are other flavors of candy corn, such as apple pie, but they just get more sickening.

“It’s not candy; it’s not corn. It’s earwax formed in the shape of a rotten tooth,” said legendary Gordon Ramsay. People who don’t trust Ramsay’s culinary expertise are wrong.

written by Malissa Howe

For those who like candy corn, feel free to check out Alton Brown’s recipe: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/alton-brown/candy-corn-recipe-1922150

Jelly Belly Candy Company Headquarters:

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