The monster that lurks in the sweet treats of Halloween Candy

Halloween night candy has a bad reputation for being tainted by candy givers. However, this concept is not entirely true. Photo by Zoe Teel

After Halloween, did your parents happen to check your candy? Because for many years now, there has been a constant fear of dangerous candy.

Parents express a fear that their children’s goodies have been laced with drugs, embedded with needles, razor blades and even poison, but in the reality of it all, most tainted candy accusations have been reported as false. More often than not these items had been placed purposefully to receive publicity and or compensation.

There have been cases in which dangerous items have been found hidden within a trick or treater’s candy. It is possible to find, but it is extremely rare and is often placed as a cruel Halloween joke.

Police have never reported a Halloween candy case that involved people giving out dangerous candy to random trick or treaters. To supplement that, there have been no cases in which a child has died or even been poisoned by random strangers.

Unfortunately, according to Snopes, there was a case in which a boy was killed by tainted candy; however, the crime was not perpetrated by a stranger. Timothy Marc O’Bryan was eight-years-old when he consumed a pixie stix laced with cyanide. However, it was proven that the father of Timothy O’Bryan had placed the killing candy in his son’s candy bag purposefully, knowing that he would be able to collect insurance money off of his son’s death.

Furthermore, he added one to his daughter stash of candy along with three other children as a means to hide his tracks but as a means to blame other candy givers.

Of course, this aroused fear of dangerous candy by creating a boogeyman that really didn’t even exist, to begin with. Naturally, the media discovered the murder of Timothy Marc O’Bryan and only continued the fear of something that was mostly a myth.

To this day parents still check children’s stash of candy, most often than not finding there was nothing to fear in the end. But what is it that causes this fear even though we can search online and finding that everything is mostly just a lie? Do we still not trust even the people next door? Will dangerous candy ever fade away?

Destiny Peterson

Destiny Peterson

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