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Family farm tradition continues with Wyatt Stafford

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Ever since Squanto and his Indians helped the Pilgrims grow domesticated corn, farming has been why life on Earth has flourished.

Stafford Farms from 34th Street. Photo by Jack Blesch

Stafford Farm’s is part of this history. Farming in the area since 1963 just outside of Richland, the family-run farm has been a part of the community. Stafford Farms grows crops such as corn, wheat and tofu beans as well as raise livestock like cattle. Today in the state of Michigan,  corn itself generates 11 percent of the state’s agricultural revenue along with other crops grown in Michigan soybeans, wheat and hay also a large part of the revenue, according to Michigan Netstate.

Livestock is also a big part of Michigan’s revenue as 24 percent of the state’s agricultural revenue comes from dairy products. The most common dairy products are milk, cheese and butter. Michigan ranks second in the country among revenue from dairy products.

Michigan also is a leading producer of fruits such as cherries, apples, and blueberries. Some of the most common vegetables grown are carrots, onions, potatoes, sweet corn, tomatoes and pumpkins.

Cattle at Stafford’s Farm. Photo by Jack Blesch

Sophomore Wyatt Stafford, who is the son of the owner W.J. Stafford, goes to Gull Lake high school and has been part of his family’s farm his whole life.

“My favorite part of being a farmer is watching the corn grow,” Stafford said. “It makes me happy to see that all the hard work is paying off every time we harvest our crops.”

Throughout the growing season, Stafford has many jobs, but one is more important than all the others.

“I run irrigation during the summer. Water helps the crops grow faster and makes them more healthy, so it’s the most important job I do in the summer,” he said.

During the harvesting season, Stafford gets to drive tractors to harvest the crop.

“I normally drive the machinery that picks up the crops,” he said. “It’s fun because I just listen to music, while I drive the machinery.”

Most of all though being a farmer helped Stafford become a better worker.

“It’s made me a better worker because I learned how to do many hard jobs instead of working at other jobs,” he said.

Jack Blesch

This is my first year on the newspaper staff. I am a sophomore at Gull Lake I play football and baseball and love to have fun. I love sports and love to write about them. I look forward to a fun year of writing.


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