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Chicken tenders: A cafeteria daily necessity

Thursday, October 19 the cafeteria offered chicken bowl due to the fact there would be no school on Friday. Photo by Courtney Pedersen.

Every Friday the school cafeteria sells “chicken bowl” which is the most iconic meal at Gull Lake High School. The meal consists of mashed potatoes with gravy, corn, and breaded little bits of joy–popcorn chicken.

Occasionally the school also offers chicken tenders or chicken nuggets, although that is not a daily pleasure for students.

Every time a student walks out of the cafeteria with chicken tenders, chicken nuggets, or chicken bowl in their hands a smile is spread across their face. However, the poor souls who are forced to buy an overcooked school hamburger or a slice of pizza drowning in grease have scowls painted across their faces for the rest of the day.

The school sells pizza and nachos everyday–which are clearly unhealthier than chicken tenders–but they don’t have the decency to sell the magical chicken tenders daily.

Would you rather your child come home and tell you that they forced themselves to eat a plate full of overly salted chips covered in fake, bright yellow cheese with brown plastic meat; that they ate pizza that was so greasy it slid down their throat without even being chewed; or that they had the joy of consuming glorious breaded pieces of chicken?

Chicken tenders are also a staple food for picky eaters. The school serves meatloaf and stir fry, so eaters who do not like those options should be able to choose chicken tenders.

Let’s not forget that the school has an abundance of ranch dressing that goes unused (besides for salad, but who eats that) if the school doesn’t serve chicken tenders daily.

Gull Lake High School needs to serve chicken tenders daily in order  to help picky eaters and save the school from wasting money on unused ranch dressing.


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Courtney Pedersen
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