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Starting out as a small group in Las Vegas, Imagine Dragons has grown to be one of the most popular bands in the world. Night Visions, the band’s debut album, has accomplished five top hits, won over 20 awards, and been nominated for over 70.

Imagine Dragons has hit the alternative rock genre like thunder with a style that is revolutionizing it. Its music is highly identifiable because the raw, real and authentic. Many other artists seem to have lost their sight of the reason they became musicians in the first place due to the overwhelming pressure to fit in, causing many musicians to sound the same and adding little variety. This pressure usually persuades This often causes listeners to wonder who sings the song they’re listening to on the radio.

However, Imagine Dragons has not fallen into this repetitious pattern, despite the band’s rapid climb to fame. Although they have certainly evolved with the times throughout each album, they have always stayed true to their roots.

Imagine Dragons fans praise lead singer, Dan Reynolds, during a concert in Phoenix, Arizona.
Permission to use photo by Universal Studios.

From the cheerful atmosphere of “Night Visions” to the iconic beats of “Evolve,” each album has its own unique theme that the band tries to focus on. Every record is about something personal to the members of the band.

In an interview with Red Bull, the lead guitarist Wayne Sermon, bassist Ben Mckee, and drummer Daniel Platzman revealed that their inspiration for “Night Visions” was their dreams. Sermon would be up almost every night, due to his insomnia. He used his demons as inspiration for the album, which shows most in the music videos.

Each video accompanying the record also contains some sort of dream-like aspect. The video for their first hit single “It’s Time” is set in a desolate wasteland where they have some sort of majestic orb. This album has a fairly even mix of happy songs and dark songs, going along with the theme of dreams and nightmares.

Their second album, “Smoke and Mirrors” is about the band’s time on the road. Their inspiration for the songs came primarily from living the dream on tour and the downside of being away from family for an extended period of time.

Imagine Dragon’s third and most recent album, “Evolve”, has been the center of attention in the alternative rock and pop worlds since its debut this past June. This album is about love equality, which is an issue that lead singer, Dan Reynolds, is a very strong and open advocate of. Reynolds’ is a member of the Mormon church, which had raised many questions as to whether or not he was an advocate for the LGBTQ community. In 2012, however, Reynolds rose up as a supporter for this movement. The band decided that this would be a perfect theme for this year’s album, considering what the group has accomplished in recent years.

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