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Senior football players ponder future

Thomas Vandermolen during home football game. Photo by Parker Feraco

Senior Thomas Vandermolen is on his way to taking that big step in life: entering college. All the years spent at Gull Lake prepared him for his journey. It took a lot of hard work and dedication to meet the requirements of going to the college of his choice.

“Going to college took a lot of hard work in the classroom, maintaining good grades even when I didn’t wanna do school instead of other actives,” Vandermolen said. “Also doing proper preparation for the tests like ACT and SAT, and thinking about school early and trying to visit if possible.”

He already has tenative plans following college. 

“(He’ll) hopefully (be) with a job living in an apartment,” Vandermolen said. “Then from there maybe get a degree of higher education and eventually get a house.”

The pathway Vandermolen is taking in college is to get a major in Kinesiology or Exercise Science; then he’ll decide whether to go to PT school or medical school.

Fellow senior Kaleb Clous plans on going to Grand Valley State University (GVSU).

“I did a lot for my big requirements early by keeping my GPA high, preparing for the SAT, and being able to get a good score on the test,” Clous said. 

He also has hopes for his life after college.

“I want to start my own business,” Clous said. “I enjoy creating stuff using [my] own ideas on brands and managing  it.”

Many other seniors took different routes in taking that next step in life, as this is often viewed as the most important opportunity in life, and it’s up to them how they live it.  

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