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Sophomore Madi Murphy warms hearts with hot chocolate

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Madi Murphy makes a fresh cup of hot chocolate. Photo courtesy to Malissa Howe.

Everybody is entitled to their bad days, but not everybody is cheered up. Every day somebody struggles, and it often goes unnoticed, but not by sophomore Madi Murphy. She makes sure they can talk about their problems to her and gives them a steaming cup of comfort in the form of hot chocolate.

“Sometimes, the simplest things can mean the most to people,” Murphy said. “We all go through rough patches. Why not help each other out during them?”

Money can’t buy happiness, but chocolate can boost it. According to Amano, it causes several neurotransmitters to activate. The chemical phenylethylamine gets released which causes alertness and quickens the pulse rate. It is sometimes referred to as “the love drug” because it imitates the feelings one gets when they are in love. Serotonin also gets activated which is known as a mood lifter.

Another mood booster found in chocolate is the fat anandamide named after the Sanskrit word for “bliss.” Anandamide increases dopamine production. When one receives an award, a positive part of their brain lights up and dopamine mimics this effect in the brain. Eating chocolate is chemically and actually like getting a reward.

Finally, endorphins are released and have been known to decrease levels of both stress and pain.

Chemicals aside, chocolate tastes good.

“Everyone loves hot chocolate. They’re nostalgic of winter and good memories,” Murphy said.

Murphy brings K-Cups and mugs from home. She uses English teacher Cristy Connollee’s Keurig machine.

Murphy’s generosity helps Gull Lake students one bad day at a time. She reaches out through hot chocolate and receives no reward other than the gift of being charitable.

Hot chocolate is certainly not the worst way to combat a rough day.

Homemade hot chocolate recipe:


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