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ELA teacher Sheila Wood talks about her unique style

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Sheila Wood shows off simple black shirt with trendy skirt and boots with heals.
Photo by Sierra Mason

Of all the faculty, English teacher, Model UN coach and Debate coach, Sheila Wood, has one of the most unique styles. The distinct sound of her iconic heels hitting the floor signals that she is hastily on her way somewhere and isn’t messing around.

Wood’s primary focus when it comes to her daily outfits is comfort rather than style.

“Comfort means nothing binding, pinching or unflattering,” Wood said.

This may seem odd to many people, seeing as to how Wood thoroughly enjoys wearing heels almost every day. However, she somehow finds the comfiest high heels, even though they are notorious for being uncomfortable.

“I literally buy comfortable heels, and I don’t even take them off when I get home to cook dinner,” Wood said.

Wood explained that her favorite color to wear is black. She tries to counter a dismal, dark look by wearing fun skirts and accessories. Wood is a firm believer that black tops will go with literally anything, which is why she wears them so often.

Wood strives for a professional look, even while avoiding a business-like aesthetic.

Wood displays her unique fashion sense.
Photo by Sierra Mason

“I like to look put together, but I am not fussy,” Wood said. “That is probably evident by my lack of styling my hair and no makeup.” 

Wood never wears makeup and hardly ever does anything to her hair. She does; however, make up for this in accessories. Her unique necklaces consist of items that she finds at antique shops along with  a chain. Her earrings, on the other hand, are more seasonal. Wood wears her bird and bicycle earrings much more in the Springtime and late Summertime than she does in the Fall and Winter.

If somebody were to desire to take Wood’s look, they need to go no further than her favorite clothing shops and brands. These consist of Lole, Free People, Banana Republic, Anne Taylor, Prana (not to be confused with Prada) and Athleisure.

Sierra Mason

This is my first year on the Newspaper staff. I have been wanting to be involved in it for a while, but I have never had room in my schedule. Although I am more into the photography aspect, I am also excited to write an assortment of articles.


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