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Obscure Film Company grows

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Behind every master movie a talented director sits with a vision. Before becoming masterful, to takes a lot of hard work and dedication which is exactly what senior Alexander Prater is doing. To him, film is much more than just a movie.    

Kylie Tobias, Cervonte Plair, Tyler Grosser, Athena Osburn, Codi Bailey, Caleb Alofs, (at the bottom) Alexander Prater. Obscure Film Company’s cast for it first live action film. Photo courtesy of Alexander Prater.

 “I was in the 7th grade when I watched this movie called Pulp Fiction,” Prater said.  “I was amazed by how the story was told out of order, and how intriguing the dialogue was.  I haven’t really seen anything so different before and seeing how the movie was made really peaked my interest in film.” 

And now years later, he is the creator of his own film company, the Obscure Film Company. Prater plans to pursue his career after high school. To him, film is more than just a source of entertainment, becoming a way to express stories and emotions. Alexander Prater now writes his own scripts, collects his own cast, creates props and films. All of his films, a total of 11 films that even includes stop animation, is public to view on Obscure Film Company’s youtube channel. As for future creations, Prater said he has “a few scripts already finished.”

     “I plan on filming some of them over the summer when I have more free time,” he said.  “These films are gonna be more advanced in quality and will have a little bit of a higher budget compared to my previous works.”

Obscure Film Company Youtube Channel

Lainie Scott

I am a junior at Gull Lake High School, and this is my first year writing for The Reflection. I enjoy writing, reading and music. This year I hope to further my writing skills and better develop my ability to report and review.


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