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Girls freshmen basketball team wins their first game of the season

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On November 28, the freshmen basketball team opened strong with a win against Caledonia.

In the first quarter, the ball went back and forth with Gull Lake slightly ahead.  Both defense and offense were a little wobbly and some sloppy passes were made, but  positive chemistry between the girls compensated.

“We put a lot of effort into practices, and we learn how to play together. Teamwork makes the dreamwork and that mentality paid off,” said Cora Howe, freshman point guard and wing.

Freshman Abigail Decker shoots a free throw. Photo courtesy to Malissa Howe.

By second quarter the team had pulled together and got the lead. Several fouls were made against the Blue Devils, providing an opportunity for free throws which helped strengthen a lead that grew more by the end of the quarter.

Coming out of halftime, the team got its wind and began to got aggressive in its offense. There was some messiness and confusion on the court throughout the game, and Coach Belz made sure to correct the players.

“We were shaky towards the beginning but once we got a hang of it, our plays began to run smoother,” Howe said.

In the last quarter, the Blue Devils continued their formidable offense and maintained their lead on Caledonia until they won with 36-14.

The team faces Eagles at Olivet on Friday, December 1 at 4 p.m.


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