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Grilled Cheese Club comes to Gull Lake

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Gull Lake High School offers a variety of clubs to students, but what’s lacking is a culinary club. Two students decided to combat this with the Grilled Cheese Club.

“Well, it started off as a joke last year in my business class,” said junior Declan Swearingen. “And then someone joked about it this year again, but a lot of people liked the idea. So I thought why not?”

A buttery grilled cheese waiting to be eaten. Photo by Malissa Howe

A lot of students gathered interest in Grilled Cheese Club, or GCC, specifically a male audience. According to Dailymail, 30 percent of university students did not know how to boil an egg. Grilling a sandwich is just one step away from boiling water.

“The main idea is to hang out and make grilled cheeses. Cristy Connollee [English teacher] agreed to be the supervisor. We’re working with Mr. Eastman to start the club and we’re writing up a grant,” Swearingen said.

The club offers an opportunity for high school students to learn how to cook. Better it has boys who want to learn. “Women belong in the kitchen” jokes and statements seem outdated, but still exist. To have high school boys willing to venture into the kitchen promises a sign of culture change from traditional gender roles to self-reliance with a griddle.

GCC has plans to hit the ground running. The club plans to team up with the environmental club and work in the gardens together. GCC members also said they hope to expand past grilled cheese into any cooking once they have enough members.


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