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Coast your way to Fourth Coast Cafe

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Fourth Coast Cafes store front off of Westnedge. Photo by Tova Carter

Fourth Coast Cafe & Bakery, more commonly known as ‘Fourth Coast’ is open 6am to 11pm on weekdays, and are continually open from Friday morning through Sunday Night (except holidays). The cafe was previously open 24/7 but was not making enough money on weeknigts to have it be sustainable.

Fourth Coast is located in Kalamazoo’s Vine Street neighborhood at 816 S. Westnedge. They are a Kalamazoo corner stone, having been here for close to 20 years, and are recognized for their own special jumble form of an offbeat-hipster atmosphere.

Fourth Coasts cycling art collection. Photo by Tova Carter.m.here. Their buy policy is simple; “Please, just buy something.”


The cafe has two entrances, high ceilings, a tavern-style-bar, a spider plant in the corner and a colorful staff. Upon entrance one will find a plethoraof people awaiting, whether it is a small woman with bright blue hair adorning a star trek costume, a man looking like Brendon Urie circa 2007, or two grown men who are giddily playing with chunks of dry ice as they try to serve the ever-growing line in front of them.

The walls are adorned with a cycling art collection, changing every month- at least that’s what they say, but no one gets to it until halfway through the next month. Usually it is a local artist of some eccentric nature. One might feelas though that’d be bothersome, but truly it’s endearing.

Some of Fourth Coasts Cafes personal bread items awaiting their purchaser. Photo by Tova Carter.


Their menu has a plethora of the classics, like a cappuccino, or a latte- sometimes served with a wholehearted attempt at foam art. If that is not your cup of tea there is also a large range of their own, highly caffeinated, nautical themed, concoctions of black coffee and espresso. You can get; a Half Mast, a black coffee with one shot; a Sinking Ship, a black coffee with two shots; or a Bow Breaker a black coffee with three shots. Or if you would prefer a cup of tea, they have a select list of both caffeinated and decaffeinated loose leaf blendsThey also act as a bakery as well. They recently just expanded to accommodate for it actually. Their bakery bakes all the bread (and more!) for the sister restaurant above, Crows Nest. Crows Nest is well known in Kalamazoo and the surrounding area for having some amazing food.  So, their pastries are very good. The monkey bread they offer, especially if warmed, reminds one cold fall days..

Nathan Krzesicki, Fourth Coast Cafe Barista, and one of the newer additions to the team, and a drummer, makes a chai tea latte.

Fourth Coast also has a slew of regulars and a community like atmosphere. Baristas don’t wear name tags, but everyone knows their names. And people there are kind, and almost everyone is up for a chat.


 Budding artists, stressed students, young (or old) professionals, people from all walks of life come in to simply enjoy.  One will hear conversations of a student to their parents a   bout the time  they spent at Fourth Coast studying, or  will see classics coming to relive their youth. It’s nostalgic no matter how many times one has been.


No matter the person, they are welcome. It is a place where one makes a connection, or a memory, is made. When you are at Fourth Coast, you are at home.


[caption id="attachment_23989" align="alignleft" width="300"] Tova Carter poses for mug shot.[/caption] This year is my first year on newspaper, and my final one at Gull Lake high school. I’ve always wanted to do newspaper but never seemed to have the time. I enjoy writing and have a passion for news.  


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