Anonymous senior helps women by providing free feminine products

The effect an unexpected period takes it’s toll on women every day. Infographic by Destiny Peterson.

The little red monster can strike at any moment, but now the ladies of Gull Lake High School have come together to protect each other from surprise attacks. An anonymous senior has graced the school’s bathrooms with containers filled with free pads and tampons for those in need.  

According to #FreeTheTampons, a startling 86 percent of U.S. women ages 17 to 54 report that they’ve started their period unexpectedly in public without the supplies they need. According to Newsweek at the turn of the 20th Century, the average age for an American girl to get her period was 16 to 17. When this occurs to the unfortunate victims’ many women, 79 percent to be exact, improvise by “MacGyvering” a tampon or pad out of toilet paper.

Notes were left in the women’s restrooms to help underclass women by offering free pads and tampons. Photo by Destiny Peterson.

“I had thought of this last year, but I thought as a junior. I didn’t really see why, and I wasn’t at the school a whole lot. It wouldn’t really affect me, and I’m never really at the school this year either,” said the senior. “But I decided to do something to help the underclassman because there have been many times where I’ve gone to the bathroom and realized I didn’t have what I needed.”

The anonymous senior created an Instagram account to keep female students up to date. Screenshot by Destiny Peterson.

An underclassman and fellow female, Azariah Jones, expressed her profound appreciation for the complementary feminine products.

“Some girls are not able to get feminine products at that certain time, and they know they can count on different bathrooms having what they need,” Jones said. “As long as someone does not take them all for themselves, I believe it will continue on.”

The anonymous senior is going to choose a current underclassman to take over the responsibilities of providing these services. This replacement will be in charge of maintaining the containers, adding to the project and continuing the legacy.

“I will reveal who I am at the end of the school year,” said the Gull Lake student. “Until then I plan to take responsibility and update on my Instagram account glhsperiodsquad.”

Containers appeared in the remainder of the women’s bathroom along with the promise of the senior’s identity. Screenshot by Destiny Peterson.

On the Instagram pages, followers are able to read the note left by the senior that reads:

“These pads and tampons left here to hopefully help a poor soul in need. It is the worst when you come to the bathroom and realize you forgot one or did not realize the devil was returning today. Please feel free to take one as needed. If you have extra, please leave any here as I cannot just refill this as needed. I have just brought in some extras to start this. Underclassmen do not feel embarrassed to grab one, it happens.”

So far the account as 59 followers and counting.

This not only helps all women of Gull Lake High School, but it may also strengthen the relationships between women.

“I have a lot of unused tampons that I am more than willing to bring them in for my fellow underclassmen,” junior Elizabeth Welsh said. “A lot of underclassmen come into the high school and they don’t know anyone except for the people in their own grade, and so for someone like a senior to be helping out the underclassmen women it gives the younger crowd a sense of trust.” 

Destiny Peterson

Destiny Peterson

I am a senior at Gull Lake High School. This is my first and unfortunately last year in Newspaper. This will be my second year in the Performing Arts Company and will run Track and Field for a third year. I plan to go to college for a writing career and am really excited to get started.

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