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In the album Reputation Taylor Swift conquers new uncharted territory for herself

The Reputation album cover is a very clear example of the music and the New Taylor. Photo courtesy of Moxie.

On November 10, Taylor Swift released her newest album Reputation in stores, on iTunes, and for a few days it was periodically played on a special iHeartRadio station. The album was not available on any streaming sites provoking Swift’s fan base.

The album was Swift’s true debut as “New Taylor,” since her song Look “What You Made Me Do declared the death of her old self.

“Look What You Made Me Do” was one of the four singles released before the complete album, along with …”Ready For it,” “Gorgeous” and “Call It What You Want.”

Swift is known for her catchy songs and lyrics that pertain to her love life and Reputation maintains these standards. The songs may not all specifically discuss a relationship, but a majority of them mention her breakups and her swooning over attractive males.

End Game features Future and Ed Sheeran; the song has  a very strong pop beat while containing a meaningful rap that connects well to the rhythm . Swift has collaborated with Sheeran before so there was no surprise there, but as for Future no one saw that coming.

The song “I Did Something Bad has an underlying creepy vibe that connects it to “Look What You Made Me Do; if you play the songs in the order of “I Did Something Bad” and the “Look What You Made Me Do” they kind of create a sort of story.

These are the songs that stick out the most in the album, but all of the songs fit together well creating a very contagious vibe forcing listeners to play the album on repeat. The album is great to listen to and creates a good medium of her old albums.

Reputation contains several parallels to Swift’s last album 1989. Over half of the songs seemed as if they were straight from 1989, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing but most definitely did not help with Swift’s declaration of the New Taylor.

Overall, Reputation is a great album that has some exceptional music that is good to dance to and really gets you singing.

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