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A Great Ghai: Canadian, basketball fan, iPhone X owner

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Sophomore Gurvick Ghai sits  disguised as a fellow Canadian RnB artist Drake. Photo courtesy of Gurvick Ghai.

Local Canadian Gurvick Ghai is a sophomore here at Gull Lake High School, and he’s not messing around when it comes to Canadian pride, basketball or his new iPhone X.

It must be hard to balance so many unique interests for just one guy. As Ghai progresses through high school, his values stick with him, making him a very unique student here at Gull Lake.

First off, Ghai comes from Toronto, Canada and is proud of it.

“Toronto is home to 6 million people,” he said. “To be honest, there are many differences between the average Americano and Maple Syrup drinkers. Now let’s get the ugly jokes out of the way: the jokes people make just to try and be the funniest, illiterate person of all time.”

Ghai said that if you drive over 40 minutes away from a city, you will hear new slang.

“That’s what I love. There is so much diversity and different beautiful cultures that are practiced,” he said. “To the slang, if you go up north, upwards of Barrie, Ontario, you will find the ‘stereotypical’ Canadian. They speak like how you think they would, and yes they do say ‘eh.’ But to be real, every Canadian says ‘eh.’ We just don’t notice, and we always get furious when someone says we say it a lot. Sure there are some worlds we say and spell different. When it comes to spelling, color is colour, and neighbor is neighbors, and so on. This comes from the Brits. It is hard to touch on all the different types of people and different ways of communicating, because truly there are so many. Canada is a beautiful country, waiting for a visit.”

Ghai is clearly a Canadian aficionado–full of knowledge of all the different areas and people of Canada, and he does not demonstrate any shame in showing it.

Secondly, Ghai specializes as a walking dictionary of basketball knowledge. He is a genuine fan of the sport and finds joy in the game itself.

Basketball is a great game. My favorite team is the Toronto Raptors,” he said. “My favorite player of all time is Vince ‘Vinsanity’ Carter. I loved his amazing dunks and posterizers. He was a really fun player to watch. Today, I enjoy watching people like [Lebron James, Kyrie Irving, DeMar DeRozan, Anthony Davis, Russell Westbrook] and other superstars. I hate the Golden State Warriors and every single player on the team except for the vets because they actually earned something. Don’t get me started with the snake himself: Kevin Durant. I hate that name. I used to like him and his play style, but now he deserves nothing but disrespect. Just imagine, a team that went 73-9. Now, put another superstar on it. That’s cheating. But the Warriors blew a 3-1 lead so whatever.”

It’s easy to see Ghai is a true fan and puts his own thoughts first, which is a rare quality in our current world of hypebeasts.

Lastly, Ghai has recently made the investment to go and get himself the new iPhone, the iPhone X. This is the one that sets him apart from the others.

Ghai is placed above lots of money. Graphic courtesy of Gurvick Ghai.

“In the past week or so, I had been approached by the average chap trying to touch my phone,” he said. “I get it–yeah–it’s cool or whatever, but with much repetition, something gets annoying. I lost count on the second day when the 32nd person came up and screeched, ‘DUUUUDE YA GOT THE X BRUOOOOO?’ I replied with a soft yes, as I had 32 times. I mean, obviously I’ll show my friends, but that one random kid who crept up and start touching on my phone with their Cheeto fingers deserves a def (When you cup your right hand and smack them in the ear so their ear starts ringing and it is deaf for a short period of time) and a half.”

He said the phone is great.

“For what’s inside it, it’s surely not worth over $1000,” he said. “But for how beautiful it is, it surely is worth it. A grand is quite a bit. You can buy a llama, or if that’s not your thing maybe a 30-day stay in a 5 star hotel in Thailand would do you the trick. If neither, the X is for you. I love the face scan. It’s almost like I don’t have a passcode because if works almost instantly. It takes a while to get used to no home button, but it’s easy to catch on to the new configurations. I love my new iPhone.”

Ghai is undeniably a perfect representation of the person you would want to be in possession of an iPhone X as he is just a humble guy

Ghai is undoubtedly a connoisseur of all of these things, and doesn’t plan on stopping anytime in the near future. These things perfectly show that Ghai is a great guy, Canadian, basketball fan and proud owner of the iPhone X.

Rowan Colosky

My name is Rowan Colosky. I am a sophomore at Gull Lake High School. I enjoy listening to & creating music and playing basketball.


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