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Portage Market and People’s Food co-op sponsor Holiday Market

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Last Sunday, December 10 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., at the Portage Senior Center hosted a dedicated Holiday Market. The People’s Food Co-op has sponsored the Portage Market, as well as several other markets, for at least two years now. Their main goals are

Opulent Blends displays their hand lotion varieties at the Holiday Market. Photo Courtesy of Portage Markets. Retrieved by Tova Carter 12/14/17 .

to support local artisans and producers, as well as making fresh local produce accessible to all.

“It was lively, and cultured. I liked it,” said Gull Lake student Kylie Buckham.

The Holiday Market was a select group of 20 artisans and producers, hand picked by the staff of the People’s Food co-op.

Some of the vendors that attended were Java Jones Handcrafted Coffee, Opulent Blends and Handmade Kalamazoo.

The markets intention is to make shopping small this holiday season, easy and accessible.


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