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Artisan scooters and artisan coffee, apparently, go hand in hand at Fido Motors Cafe

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Fido Motors Cafe store front. The cafe recently celebrated their one year open anniversary. Photo by Tova Carter

Nestled in the Einstein neighborhood, a historically black and historically impoverished portion of Kalamazoo, lies the most worth-it version of gentrification imaginable: a handcrafted electric scooter factory with a café showroom.

Fido Motors Cafe sits at 1415 Fulford Street and is rather hard to find when looking for it, but easy to find on accident. It’s in the very back of the neighborhood, behind several rows of homes, both occupied and empty sitting on a single corner with no crossroads.

The cafes recently updated winter menu. Offering the classics plus some. Photo by Tova Carter.

Fido Motors Café is located in the showroom of Fido Motors Co., a startup electric scooter manufacturer. Surprisingly, the café arguably serves some of the most prestigious and pristine coffee around. Each day they have a detailed guide to the  Populace coffee roasts it serves, where the business highlights the flavor undertones of each handpicked roast. The cafe also make its almond milk and flavored syrup in house. Popular flavors one may find are chicory and lavender. The only downside to the homemade syrups is that it can become cloyingly sweet.

In the summer they also pour up special nitro-brewed coffee, similar to how Guinness brews its beer. Though Fido Café is not the only place that nitro-brews coffee, it is the only shop in Kalamazoo that does. The cafe travels from farmers market to farmers market to fill cups and spread the word of Fido’s all over southern

Today’s barista works behind well lit bar.

Michigan. They do this on one of their electric scooters that has been specially fitted to hold a “keg” of the nitro-brew.

One might imagine that this scooter shop/café cross would be rigid and cold. That the showroom would be consistent with the shop room, where one’s barista would end up being a 6’ 9” bearded man covered in oil and dripping in sweat. Assuredly, the cafe is not.

Upon first step one is greeted with a light brick interior and tall windows that overlook the gravel parking lot and let in lots of light. Inside, the café portion is simply walled off from the shop itself,

Window facing parking lot that is stuffed full of specialty

but there are long landscape window that allows one to peer in and see what the mechanics are doing.  It’s relatively quiet,

except for the chit-chat of other people and the occasional bang from the other side of the wall. To put it simply, Fido Motors Café is kind of like that one guy who has a dyed-red Mohawk, and wears a spiked jacket, but who turns out to be a vegan that lives on a farm and keeps pigs and chickens as pets.

Fidos also sell a nice collection of artisan chocolates, coffee accessories and Fido-themed swag. Populace Coffee Company even has provided Fido’s with a personally designed bag. One could say the people specializing in no fuel, make the best.



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