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Madison Charlton goes from beginner level to big leagues

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Senior Madison Charlton participated in Legends last summer. Photo by Parker Feraco

Legends performing arts association is a non-profit corporation that supports ages 13 to 22. They also sponsor two Drum Corps International (DCI) events in Michigan during the summer and various educational clinics throughout the year. Senior at Gull Lake Madison Charlton got the opportunity this past summer to participate with the LPAA.

Charlton became interested in Legends around 2009, when her brother joined the drumline. She would volunteer and help out with anything at the time and during that time, there were only three color guard members, sparking her interest to be one of them someday.  She’s always had a passion for color guard, so she took these opportunities to enhance her skills outside of school. When Charlton left for Legends, it lasted about seven weeks throughout this past summer.

The color guard spent about two weeks learning the routine, then spent the rest of the time touring and performing. The blocks are chunks of time, like a regular high school practice where they spent their time doing routines or practicing.

Charlton at band rehearsal. Photo t by Parker Feraco

“It was a daily routine,” Charlton said. “There was a four hour rehearsal block, lunch, three and a half hour block. It depended on if there was a show or not, if not, there was an additional rehearsal block.”

Compared to the high school practices, the Legends practices have astonishing differences, according to Charlton. The biggest difference between the two is being mentally engaged at Legends. With high school, it’s something easy to pick up on and there’s more time given to practice and know the routine. With Legends however, the entire block is spent rehearsing and practicing. Then, at high school, it’s very relaxed in comparison to Legends.

“Meeting the people was the best experience by far,” Charlton said. “You got the opportunity to create lifelong friendships. It’s heartwarming to be around people that cared about you so much and the show. The people watching you while you perform are so heartwarming, because they get into it and just really enjoy it.”

Charlton did take on a handful of roles while at Legends. It was a lot different coming in as a rookie, where she was a vet on the high school colorguard. She said she  focused more on her doing things, then trying to be a leader, as opposed to home. When things were frustrating, many of them stayed positive. With staying positive, that was easy then to get the energy going on the field for her and the other members. Charlton was awarded the rookie of the year with her constant effort throughout the season.

“It’s absolutely beneficial, in every single way,” Charlton said. “I learned so much about the community and myself. The program and enhancing the guard skills will definitely help with my continuation for the remaining year of high school.”

Annabelle Page

I am a Senior, in my second year being on staff with the Reflection. I write a lot of opinion articles and cheer articles, along with odd end ones. I spend most of my time with the marching band, practicing for colorguard. In the winter, I am on the competitive cheer team at the school. I spend most of my fridays performing with the band at the home football games. I love drawing and participating in school events.


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